Cavanagh Altar Bread

Tarrawarra Eucharistic Breads is an authorised distributor of “Cavanagh Altar Bread” since 1 January 2000.


All Eucharistic breads are made of pure wheat flour and water without additives and have carefully moulded sealed edges which prevent crumbs. There are no allergens such as dairy, egg white, and nuts.

Low Gluten Hosts

Our low gluten hosts are produced by Christiana Dabrowscy, Poland.

The ingredients are wheat starch and water. The gluten content is 6.2 parts per million. In USA and Europe, products with gluten content less than 20 parts per million are considered commercially “gluten free”, although this standard has not been applied in Australia.

For totally gluten free hosts, please order here.

Online Orders

When you place an order online, you will receive an auto-reply email. We will also email you when the order is ready to be posted out. If you have not received this confirmation email, please contact us immediately.

Alternatively, you can ring us at 03 9730 2362 or 0408 447 345 or preferably email us at


Payment Options

An invoice will accompany the parcel. Payment can be made by cheque or electronic transfer. For credit card payment, please contact us directly.