Cavanagh Altar Breads

Tarrawarra Eucharistic Breads is an authorised distributor of “Cavanagh Altar Bread” since 1 January 2000.


All Eucharistic breads are made of pure wheat flour and water without additives and have carefully moulded sealed edges which prevent crumbs.

There are no allergens such as dairy, egg white, and nuts.

Low Gluten Hosts

Our low gluten hosts - CDP Low Gluten (Code 15) - are produced by Christiana Dabrowscy, Poland. 

Ingredients are wheat starch and water. Gluten content is 6.2 parts per million.

For totally gluten free hosts, please contact us directly.


Online Orders

When you place an order online, you will receive a confirmation email once your order is processed.

Alternatively, you can ring/fax us at 03 9730 2362 or email us at


All orders within Australia are posted by normal mail by Australia Post. International orders are posted via airmail. Urgent orders are posted via express post.

Postage and handling is free for standing orders. Other customers will pay postage and handling depending on the size of the order.

Payment Options

All orders will receive an invoice. Payments can be made by cheque or electronic transfer. For credit card payments, please contact us directly.


About Tarrawarra Eucharistic Breads

Whole Wheat Altar Breads

Small Whole Wheat
Special Whole Wheat - Lamb
Special Whole Wheat
Double Thick Whole Wheat
Special Whole Wheat - 3 Designs
Communal Whole Wheat
Double Thick Communal Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat Altar Breads

Small White
Special White - Lamb
Special White
Celebrant's White
Communal White
Double Thick Communal White

Low Gluten Altar Breads

About our Low Gluten Hosts
CDP Low Gluten

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